The fundamental step for the success of any process or operation, the correct planning minimizes or eliminates the risks, as well as potentiates the assertive actions.

In the Fast Forward design, good planning starts from a well-structured ‘goal formatting’ (SMART), through a review of values ​​and purpose so that the focus is always maintained at all stages of the process.

Personally or professionally, taking the next steps in the right direction optimizes your results and values ​​your time. Learn more about Strategic Planning for you or your Company with the FFC.


Sales Training, Marketing, Communication, Team Building, Management. In the main and most strategic areas of your team, FFC can be present contributing updated training and content, always in a dynamic and engaging way.

Our Training Programs and the development of specific skills and abilities have proved to be a valuable tool for any entrepreneur seeking to improve his or her team to overcome the challenges of the market.

We think that offering training to its highly motivational team promotes cooperation, develops talents and makes the best professionals in the market attracted by your company, since a productive environment is much more productive and interesting for those seeking competitiveness and prominence.


Development Specific skills of a team manager who seeks to get the best out of their group. Yes, leadership is a skill to be developed; Effective communication, feedback, motivational factors, and self-knowledge contribute to the growth of a leader in your team.

A leader, apart from being differentiated from a boss by many factors, should be able to have a team that allows him to always take steps forward; And not running behind to put out fires.

Courses & Lectures

We provide training courses for both individuals and companies. Often, punctual interventions can be very effective. Always with up-to-date content, didactics and topics of interest to those who seek to update and stand out in the market, our lectures can represent an important milestone in life of who has the opportunity to participate with us.