Confira abaixo os diversos programas para sua empresa.

  • – Desenvolvimento de Liderança
  • – Desenvolvimento de Equipe
  • – Comunicação
  • – Vendas
  • – Recrutamento e Seleção

Leadership Development

A new generation of collaborators, more informed and with different desires demands a new generation of Leaders, capable of inspiring, convincing, innovating and being an example in their environment.

Staff development

For people to work in harmony and create synergy, it is necessary to develop this ability of coexistence in an environment of respect, reverence and high performance.


The most important of interpersonal skills deserves special attention in any environment.


Learn all about the techniques, the profile of your clients, how to lead to closing, and still be able to be referred in the market with a proven methodology of success.  

Recruitment and selection

Correctly hiring can, in addition to generating great results, greatly reduce the costs of training, adaptation and, above all, turnover.